Topolánek on Dalík arrest

In related news, former prime minister and former chairman of the Civic Democrats Mirek Topolánek has suggested the arrest of former aide Marek Dalík could have political undertones, in his view a behind-the-scenes struggle within the centre-right party. In an interview for news site, the former prime minister suggested that his successor as chairman, Petr Nečas, was fearful to the point of paranoia of Topolánek’s ‘return’ and could also benefit by trying to cow a group of rebels within the party who are opposed to a government-proposed VAT hike. In Dalík, Mr Topolánek suggested, current Prime Minister and Civic Democrat leader Nečas also had a ‘scapegoat’ if the party fared poorly in the upcoming regional elections. Mirek Topolanek made the statements via text message to aktualne.

Author: Jan Velinger