Study: Zeman by far most discussed presidential candidate on social media

The incumbent Miloš Zeman is the most discussed candidate in this month’s presidential elections on social media, according to analysis conducted by the company SentiOne cited by the news website The study carried out between mid-October and mid-December found that there was twice as much interest in Mr. Zeman as in any other candidate.

Just over 40 percent of mentions of candidates related to the president, compared to 19 percent for academic Jiří Drahoš, who has been coming second in opinion polls behind Mr. Zeman. Some 73 percent of comments regarding the incumbent were negative, more than for any of his rivals.

The first round of the presidential elections takes place on Friday and Saturday next week. If none of the candidates receives over half the vote, the front two will go through to a run-off a fortnight later.

Author: Ian Willoughby