Structural engineers: Motol children’s hospital won’t require evacuation

According to a report issued on Thursday by structural engineers examining the children’s section of Prague’s Motol hospital, the facility will not require evacuation to address structural concerns. The B wing of the hospital, built in 1964, was found to be unstable during ongoing reconstruction work after it was discovered that the building had moved by as much as ten centimetres in one month. Reconstruction efforts were halted as a result as experts moved in to assess the site. The children’s facility, which is one of Europe’s largest children’s hospitals, was opened last June after a major reconstruction which cost 4.4 billion crowns. 212 children are currently housed at neighbouring wings – the B wing, however, remains empty and in need of repair. Accumulations of sub-surface ground water are believed to be behind the instability. Experts will decide next week whether to resume reconstruction efforts.

Author: Dominik Jůn