STEM poll: Voter support for ANO, Pirates down since April

If parliamentary elections were held now, the ANO movement of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš would still come out on top, according to a new poll by the STEM agency. The June poll shows ANO winning 32 per cent of the vote, down just shy of a percentage point (pp) since April.

The upstart Pirates have lost the most ground in the past two months, over 3pp, and would now win only 10.2 per cent of the vote. Another opposition party, the Civic Democrats, are up 1.8pp since the last STEM survey, with the centre-right party now polling at 15.5 per cent.

Support for ANO’s coalition partner, the Social Democrats, is up nearly 1pp, according to STEM, with the centre-left party now polling at 7.9 per cent. The Communists, whose support Mr. Babiš needs to survive a confidence vote set for July 11, are polling at 9.1 per cent, up half a percentage point since April.

Author: Brian Kenety