Some 300 Czechs may join NATO’s new training mission in Afghanistan

In related news, around 300 Czech soldiers could operate within NATO´s planned new training mission in Afghanistan in 2015, according to the Czech Republic’s head-of-state Miloš Zeman. At the end pf this year, NATO will terminate its long-term ISAF operation, which is to be replaced by Resolute Support, a new non-combat mission. Mr Zeman said the Czechs’ main goal would be to train and instruct the Afghan police and army. The winner of the Afghan presidential election is still not known, which is preventing the necessary agreements from being signed by Kabul, the USA and NATO, opening the door to the mission, according to the Czech News Agency. Both presidential candidates, nevertheless, have indicated that they would sign on. The Afghan armed forces, comprising 350,000 troops, are to take over responsibility for Afghanistan security at the beginning of 2015. NATO plans to provide financial support.

Author: Jan Velinger