Social Democrats slam Cardinal, other representatives, for Nazi comparison

The Social Democrats have rejected criticism comparing the language on one of its election billboards to anti-Semitic and anti-clerical rhetoric used during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany and later by the Czech Communists. In a joint-statement, the head of the Czech Bishops’ Conference Cardinal Dominik Duka, the chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities, Jiří Daníček, and the chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Churches, Joel Ruml, suggested that those who remembered the previous periods “would not be fooled” by the Social Democrats’ use of words. The Social Democrat billboard in question opposes church property restitution supported by the right-wing parties in government, the Civic Democrats and TOP 09.

Social Democrat deputy chairman Lubomír Zaorálek said the statement by Cardinal Duka and colleagues was “unacceptable” and he slammed the Cardinal saying he needed to read up on his World War II history. Mr Zaorálek also countered that while a number of Social Democrats had “laid down their lives” in the fight against Nazism, the Church’s role during the same period was ambiguous.

Author: Jan Velinger