Škoda and OKD want to inoculate workers, but lack access to vaccine

The chief car manufacturer in the Czech Republic, Škoda Auto, is preparing vaccination centers in which it hopes to inoculate its workers, Czech Radio’s news site iRozhlas.cz reports. However, it lacks access to the vaccine which is, for now, only in the hands of the state. Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček told iRozhlas.cz that it is not possible to provide Škoda and other companies with a vaccine at this moment. Purchasing the vaccine directly from producers approved by the European Commission would be a possibility, he said. However, Mr. Havlíček does not see how these private sector entities could find available vaccines at this moment.

Škoda says it is preparing 15 stationary as well as three mobile vaccination centres and that it would be capable of vaccinating 1,200 people a day. The mining company OKD has expressed interest in doing its own vaccinations as well.

Author: Tom McEnchroe