Site: Purchase of property at low-seeming price could harm Mynář’s chances of getting security clearance

The chances of the president’s chancellor Vratislav Mynář receiving security clearance could be harmed by his purchase of a villa in Prague for a low-seeming price, reported. The news website said if it was proved that the price of CZK 5.5 million paid for the protected property was excessively low the State Security Office would evidently not provide Mr. Mynář with the clearance. He bought the villa – which a decade ago was sold for over CZK 8 million – from a lawyer for Roman Janoušek, an influential businessman currently in prison for hit and run. Mr. Mynář, who says the villa is in a poor state, has been President Miloš Zeman’s chancellor for almost two years without top secret security clearance, meaning he cannot accompany the president at some international meetings.

Author: Ian Willoughby