Senators to meet over Zeman's criticism of BIS

The Senate’s Committee for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security is to meet in a closed session to debate President Zeman’s recent criticism of the Czech counterintelligence service, the BIS. The meeting was called by the committee’s chairman Pavel Fisher, who said the president’s words were damaging the country’s reputation and public trust in its intelligence services.

In response to the counterintelligence service’s annual report in which it warns of heightened activities on the part of Russian and Chinese agents, the president made derogatory remarks about its performance, saying the report failed to present any evidence to back its claims and described it as “blather”.

Michal Koudelka, head of the national counterintelligence service BIS, sharply rejected the president’s claim that the BIS was “sleeping on the job”, saying that this year the service had helped expose and dismantle a Russian intelligence service operating in the country.