Second EU audit confirms PM Babiš’s conflict of interest according to press, responsible ministry dismisses claims

A second European Commission audit has found Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) in conflict of interest, the news server reports, citing an “extremely reliable” unidentified source.

The first audit, focused on EU structural funds, determined Babiš is in conflict of interest because he continues to influence the Agrofert conglomerate he founded, despite placing it into trust funds in 2017. The second was focused on the distribution of agricultural subsidies.

However, according to the Ministry of Agriculture spokesman Vojtěch Bílý, the ministry has not received the final audit report yet, but merely suporting documents for bilateral negotiations. The final version of the audit should be ready after the meeting, which will take place on January 28, he told Czech Radio.

Babiš has rejected the findings of the as-yet unpublished documents, neither of which have been officially translated into Czech.

Transparency International argues Babiš knows full well what Agrofert companies are doing and so can take decisions as head of state benefitting them. The anti-corruption watchdog also notes his wife sits on a trust fund board, and his own media report on Agrofert’s activities.

Author: Brian Kenety