Sampling capacity among over 40s full in Prague and Brno, but more young volunteers needed for coronavirus study

In Prague, enough over 40s and seniors have taken part in the ongoing government study of collective immunity to the COVID-19 coronavirus, researchers told Czech Television on Sunday. In Brno, the allocated testing capacity for seniors (over 60s) has been filled up as well.

However, testing facilities in both cities are saying that they need more volunteers from the ranks of children and teenagers between the ages of 8-17. A special testing facility will be available for this age group in Prague’s Kateřinské Gardens from 10am on Sunday.

In Olomouc, where the tests are most visited by adults under the age of 60, volunteers from the ranks of seniors are still needed.

The tests are part of a major study launched by the Ministry of Health earlier this week, which seeks to gauge the percentage of the Czech population that has COVID-19 antibodies. A total of 27,000 people are set to be tested during a two-week period.

Author: Tom McEnchroe