Ruling Prague coalition to publish agenda on Nov. 12

A Prague coalition comprised of five parties is due to sign and issue their joint programme statement on Monday.

The coalition comprises the civic initiative Praha Sobě (PS), the Pirates, and United Force for Prague (TOP 09, the Party of Mayors and Independents, and the Christian Democrats).

Their 35-page statement calls for significant new housing construction and transforming Prague into a “multi-layered, self-confident and successful city” comparable with the likes of Berlin or Barcelona.

Apart from the programme statement, they have also agreed to put forward Pirate party chairman Zdeněk Hřib as their candidate for mayor of Prague.

As a party, the Pirates got more votes in the municipal elections. But on an individual level, Praha Sobě leader Jan Čižinský was the voters’ clear favourite for Prague mayor.

Author: Brian Kenety