Roma helping NGO may be represented by a racist

Many in the Czech Republic are currently gripped by the sitcom ‘Most!’ broadcast by Czech Television. The main hero of the show, who is an open racist, also heads one of the city’s leading NGO’s supporting the local Roma through state funds. Now a report by Czech Radio has revealed that this may in fact be a reality. Pavel Pöschl from a Most based NGO called Čonoro ran for office in local elections for a party which featured a slogan saying that ‘Not even exterminating agents are enough for this vermin.’

Mr. Pöschl became Čonoro’s statutory representative just a month ahead of the elections. He is involved in social counseling in areas including the notorious Roma ghetto of Chánov in Most. He claims that the accusation is nothing more than a twisted story from the media. However, the leader of the party that had Mr. Pöschl on their candidate list explained the slogan in similar racist terms already ahead of the elections.

Author: Tom McEnchroe