Results of Euro elections to be published at 11 pm

The results of European Parliament election should be released at 11 p.m. local time on Sunday.

Votes from all 14,766 constituencies have already been counted, the Czech Statistical Office said. It will publish results after all polls close in other EU countries.

According to the Median agency, the ruling centre-right ANO party should win 22-25 percent of the vote and their junior partner in government, the centre-left Social Democrats, about 5-6 percent.

The opposition Pirates and the Civic Democrats are polling at about 14 percent each, the TOP 09 and Party of Mayors and Independents coalition up to 11 percent, the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy party 9-10 percent, the Christian Democrats 7-9 percent and the Communists at about 5-6 percent.

Author: Brian Kenety