Reputed 250,000 attend Prague protest calling for resignation of PM Babiš

An enormous demonstration against the Czech prime minister, Andrej Babiš, took place at Prague’s Letná Plain on Sunday late afternoon and evening. Organisers said around a quarter of a million people were in attendance, which would make it the biggest event of its kind in the city since the fall of communism almost three decades ago.

Many protestors carried Czech and European Union flags along with signs, some of which bore the names of cities and towns around the Czech Republic.

Sunday’s protest was the latest in a series that began in late April calling on Mr. Babiš to stand down and for the removal of his appointment as justice minister, Marie Benešová. She got the job just one day after police recommended that Mr. Babiš face criminal charges over the alleged abuse of EU subsidies.

The series of protests has been organised by the civic group Million Moments for Democracy. They have announced that their next major demonstration will take place on Letná Plain in November, the 30th anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution.

ANO leader Babiš denies all the accusations against him, which he says are part of a political campaign.

Author: Ian Willoughby