Rapper Hugo Toxx wins Czech critics award for Album of the year

This year's Appolo award for best Czech album was awarded to 37-year-old Prague based rapper Hugo Toxx, whose real name is Jan Daněk. Last year he released "1000", an album which has been described as a balanced recording, which has much more energy than those of other rappers of his generation.

Other nominees included "D.Y.K." by singer Vojtěch Dyk, an eponymous album by Czech electronics band Khoiba, the rather long titled "First I Thought Everyone’s Staring at Me but Then I Realized Nobody Cared - All the Creatures I Met Sitting on the Back Seat and How to Deal with What I’ve Learnt" by Margo, Vladimír Mišík's Once I Will Meet You (Jednou tě potkám), Kvalita by Vypsaná fixa and Animal Named Autumn (Zvíře jménem podzim) by alt-rock band Září.

Author: Tom McEnchroe