Radio Prague's Monthly Quiz

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Test your knowledge of things Czech!

On the first day of the month Radio Prague will announce the month’s quiz question on this site. At the end of every month we will draw six winners from the correct answers received. Join our contest and win a Radio Prague prize! Answers should be sent to by the end of the month.

The winners will be featured on this site.

Question for January

Which one of Karel Čapek’s plays features the word robot?

Question for December

Wood-carved nativity scenes are an indelible part of Christmas in the Czech Republic. Which religious order introduced them?

The correct answer for December: 



  • Christian Fiedler, Czech Republic
  • David Iurescia, Argentina
  • Kanwar Sandhu, Canada
  • Pal Veiden, Norway
  • Stefan Schinagl, Austria
  • Ludmila Pavlovna Shirokowskaya, Russia
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  • Traditional Czech Christmas

    The winter holidays, which climax with Christmas Eve, begin with the season of Advent, which is actually a period of preparation for the Christmas holidays.