Public Affairs calls on MPs who split with the party to resign

The leadership of the former junior coalition partner Public Affairs has called on MPs who have joined the new faction around the party’s former deputy leader, current Deputy Prime Minister Karolína Peake, to resign. Public Affairs has pointed out that in its ethical codex, under which its MPs got elected to the lower house of Parliament, the party clearly stated that MPs were not allowed to change their affiliation during their time in office. On Thursday, the new faction around Peake announced its name, LIDEM. Its members will begin collecting the signatures necessary to form a party on Monday.

Peake had left Public Affairs in mid-April, stating that she disliked the style in which the former junior coalition partner presented itself. Her split with the party and the subsequent walk-out of some of its other members cast serious doubt over the future of the government coalition; however, it survived a vote of confidence last week.

Author: Sarah Borufka