Prymula: I broke no rules and so will not resign voluntarily

Health Minister Roman Prymula, under pressure to resign after having been photographed leaving a Prague restaurant that should have been closed due to anti-coronavirus measures, told reporters on Friday he had done nothing wrong.

"I stand here looking like a person who is preaching water but drinking wine. … Based on the photos that appeared in [the tabloid] Blesk today, it looks like I broke some rules. I'm honestly saying that I did not,” Prymula told a press conference at which questions were not allowed.

Prymula told reporters he had met MP Jaroslav Faltýnek (ANO) and the Ostrava University Hospital director Jiří Havrlant in a private setting and wore a facemask in line with government restrictions. Earlier on Friday, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said if Prymula did not resign he would be recalled.

Restaurants in the Czech Republic were ordered closed last week and people are required to wear facemasks even outside if within two metres of another person. Opposition politicians criticized Prymula’s decision not to resign, saying it undermines public confidence in the government and its ability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Author: Brian Kenety