Protesters gather in front of Health Ministry

About fifty protesters gathered for a happening outside the Health Ministry on Monday. Union members, patients and disabled demonstrators who joined the protest, which was organized by the Stop the Government platform, oppose the government’s planned health care reforms. Among the steps they criticize is a new regulation under which patients can pay extra for a doctor of their choice. Health Minister Leoš Heger discussed the planned reform with the demonstrators in front of his ministry.

The event is part of a series of “blockades” that will take place in front of five ministries in June, in protest of the government’s reforms and austerity measures. Last week, only about a dozen protesters gathered in front of the Education and Culture ministries; a planned blockade failed for lack of participants. Prime Minister Petr Nečas has slammed the protest, saying that to block employees’ access to their place of work is in violation of the law.

Author: Sarah Borufka