Prosecution of PM’s son over EU subsidies case halted

State attorney Jaroslav Šaroch has halted the prosecution of Andrej Babiš Jr., the son of the Czech prime minister, in connection with a case of alleged misuse of EU subsidies. A spokesperson for the Prague state attorney’s office said the decision was made in line with the shelving of the main part of the case on the grounds that it did not constitute a crime.

The PM’s son’s case was hived off from the main case last spring.

Mr. Šaroch halted the prosecution of Prime Minister Babiš and a number of others in August. However, the supreme state attorney, Pavel Zeman, said in December that the investigation of Mr. Babiš and a one-time advisor would continue.

The matter centres on the Stork’s Nest complex near Prague, for which CZK 50 million was received in EU subsidies. Mr. Babiš and family members were accused of manipulating the facility’s ownership to win the grants, a charge he has consistently denied.

Author: Ian Willoughby