Press: membership in parties decreases

Membership in Czech parliamentary parties has been decreasing, idnes reports, with the highest number of departures proportionally coming in the splintered Public Affairs (until recently in government) and the Civic Democrats. A spokeswoman for Public Affairs said the party currently had an official membership of 813 – 12.5 percent less than last year; the Civic Democrats, meanwhile, had almost 28, 350 – dropping by 8.7 percent since last March. The trend in the opposition Communist Party is similar, losing around 5,000 members since last December, while the Social Democrats and centre-right TOP 09 appear to have more stable memberships, political pundits suggest. Membership in parties requires payment of an annual fee; some members fail to renew. Membership in parties has been in general decline for several years, the daily says.

Author: Jan Velinger