President Zeman would halt possible prosecution of PM if case is reopened

President Miloš Zeman said in a television interview on Thursday he would use his power to halt the possible prosecution of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš if Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman were to invalidate a decision by the Prague State Attorney’s Office to close the case involving the prime minister and his family.

The president’s remarks aired on the same day the Prague State Attorney’s Office published a detailed explanation of its decision to halt a four-year-long investigation into suspected EU subsidy fraud by Mr Babiš.

Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman has three months in which he must either confirm or invalidate the decision.

Opposition politicians have denounced the president for attempting to influence the judiciary.The leader of the Civic Democrats, Petr Fiala, has suggested holding a meeting of opposition party leaders to formulate a joint stand on the matter ahead of Tuesday’s session of the lower house.

The Supreme State Attorney’s Office said the president’s words would not affect their work.

Author: Brian Kenety