President says he was deeply offended by criticism by Václav Klaus Institute

President Miloš Zeman has said he was deeply offended by an institute founded by his predecessor Václav Klaus, when it issued criticism of the head of state for parts of his recent inaugural address. He made the statement on Thursday on TV Barrandov, where the president appears with regularity. The Václav Klaus Institute had criticized the inaugural address as an inappropriate vehicle for what it called his vengeful settling of accounts with his opponents; during the speech the president criticized businessman Zdeněk Bakala and journalists who work for the Economia group as well as Czech TV.

The institute is not alone in criticizing the president for his speech: some lawmakers walked out even before it was over and students and other citizens have taken part in demonstrations around the country taking issue with Mr Zeman’s singling out of journalists and public broadcaster Czech TV.

Author: Jan Velinger