Právo: Pospíšil under fire from party leadership

The daily Právo writes that Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil is receiving heavy criticism from his party’s leadership, some of whom have reportedly demanded his resignation. Citing anonymous participants of a meeting of the top Civic Democrat leadership on Thursday, the paper writes that Mr Pospíšil was attacked from all sides regarding his designation of the head of the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. The justice minister dismissed the previous head, Vlastimil Rampula, last November, and replaced him with Stanislav Mečl. A criminal complaint was reportedly filed against the justice minister this week on the grounds that the head of the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office must be appointed to the post, which Mečl was not. Mr Rampula has since received a court verdict that he be reinstated. Prime Minister Petr Nečas stated he is seriously dissatisfied with the crisis at the office. Mr Pospíšil maintains that he did not err in the decision and says there has been no talk of his own dismissal.