Prague City Hall to negotiate with Zdena Masin on exhuming her mother’s remains

Prague City Hall has agreed to start negotiating with Zdena Mašín about the possibility of exhuming her mother’s remains from a mass grave in Prague’s Ďáblice cemetary. The city hall earlier ruled out the possibility in view of the complications of exhuming remains from a mass grave.

Zdena Mašín, sister of the Mašín brothers, who dramatically escaped from Czechoslovakia in the early 1950s, requested the exhumation so as to be able to give her mother a dignified burial.

Her mother Zdena Mašínová was a freedom fighter jailed by the Nazis and later by the Communists. She was convicted of espionage and treason in a communist show trial and later moved from jail to a labour camp where she died in 1956.