Prague and Ústí back Nečas before party conference

As the head of the Civic Democratic Party Petr Nečas prepares for this weekend’s party conference, news is coming in from different regional chapters about whether they will re-elect the Prime Minister as the party chairman. The Civic Democrats in Ústí nad Labem voted late on Thursday to support Mr Nečas’s nomination. Early on Friday, the Prague chapter of the party also gave the Prime Minister its support, as was expected. In the surrounding Central Bohemian region, though, Mr Nečas was not as successful, missing out on the regional backing by one vote. Although, ten out of fourteen regional chapters now back the nomination, this does not necessarily assure the current chairman’s success this weekend. In an interview published in Friday’s Hospodářské noviny daily, Mr Nečas said that there is no strong enough leader in the party who could unseat him.

Author: Masha Volynsky