Poll suggests increased support for Social Democrats, Pirates and Civic Democrats

ANO would win if elections were held now with around 30 percent of the vote, achieving a similar tally to in elections held in October, suggests a poll conducted last month by the CVVM agency. The Social Democrats would do significantly better than in October, with 12.5 percent, the survey indicates. The Czech Pirate Party would get the same result, again showing an improvement on October.

Meanwhile the Civic Democrats, who came second in the last elections would come fourth now, albeit with an increased vote of 12 percent, suggests the poll. The Communists, who got 7.8 percent in October, would now receive 8 percent, going by the survey.

The poll indicates a fall in support for Freedom and Direct Democracy, who won 10.6 percent of the vote last time out but would not tally 7.5 percent.

Author: Ian Willoughby