Poll: ANO holds lead, Pirate Party would pass five percent threshold

A new poll by the STEM agency suggests that if the parliamentary election were held today, ANO would finish comfortably ahead of other parties to make it into the lower house. According to STEM, ANO would receive 27 percent of the vote and the Social Democrats, who head the current government, just 15 percent. The Communists would come third, with just under 14 percent. The survey projects that centre-right parties such as the Christian Democrats, the Civic Democrats and TOP 09 would finish in the single digits, within striking distance of each other, but pass the five percent threshold needed to make it into the lower house. The Pirate Party would win seats, with 5.5 percent. STAN, considering running together with the Christian Democrats, would pick up just 2.5 percent.

Author: Jan Velinger