Political prisoners outraged by Communist Party statement on February 1948 events

The Confederation of Political Prisoners has expressed its outrage at the statement issued by the Communist Party on the anniversary of the February 1948 events, in which the party claimed adherence to the ʻrevolutionary legacyʼ of the Communist takeover. The party said it appreciateed the work and devotion of the generations of the developers of socialism and regretted tragic deformations and deficiencies that harmed the idea of socialism. They also said they had already apologised to all those whose lives were affected by this. The Confederation of Political Prisoners said the Communists could only be excused by dissolving their party. The Communist Party seized power on February 25, 1948, when president Edvard Beneš agreed they could form a new government after members of democratic parties resigned.

Author: Ruth Fraňková