Police use tear gas against protesters determined to stop ultra-right march in Brno

Police in Brno used force and tear gas to disperse a crowd of around 1,500 people who attempted to physically prevent a planned march through the city by the ultra-right Workers Party for Social Justice on Friday. Protesters physical blocked the way of the march booing and shouting “Nazis get out of Brno!” Among those present on the square were city council officials, including the mayor of the Brno-stred district Martin Landa who told the ctk news agency that it had not been possible to prevent the march on the grounds that it was announced as a Labour Day event. The 200-strong march by members and supporters of the Workers Party for Social Justice was partially disrupted but eventually passed through the city. Many of those who attempted to stop them suffered bruises and the effects of tear gas. Hundreds of officers, including police on horseback, were out in force to maintain order.