Police prosecuting man who appeared in Czech docufilm for child pornography

Police in Ústí nad Labem are prosecuting a man who appeared in a recent Czech documentary highlighting the dangers posed by online predators, for spreading child pornography and related charges, iROZHLAS reports.

‘Caught in the Net’, which presented youthful-looking adult actresses as 12-years-olds on fake social media profiles to expose online predators, has led to several criminal investigations. The Ústí police studied his Skype communication, including unedited parts recorded during filming.

The other charges against the suspect include establishing illegal contact with a child, endangering the upbringing of young people, and the production and other handling of child pornography. The man co-organized camps, school trips to the countryside, and other children's events.

‘Caught in the Net’ is the biggest box-office documentary in the history of the Czech Republic. Previously, the most popular documentary film was ‘Citizen Havel’ by Miroslav Janek, released in 2007.

Author: Brian Kenety