Police arrest three suspects in highly publicized murder-for-hire case

Police have arrested three suspects in connection with a highly publicized murder-for-hire case in which the former elite police officer Michal Tofl was shot in Brno in June 2010. If found guilty, the three men could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. The policeman became the victim of a drive-by shooting; police have not released details of the motive for the murder. However, the director of the police’s organized crime unit, Robert Šlachta, has said that money may have played a role. Allegedly, after leaving the police force, Mr Tofl and some of his former colleagues had formed a gang that blackmailed entrepreneurs in Southern Moravia. The scandal around the former police officer was the subject of intense media attention last year, when allegations of corruption within the Brno economic crimes unit became public.

Author: Sarah Borufka