PM ready to accept backseat in coalition talks

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who suffered a setback in his efforts to form a new government last week, has said he would respect it if someone else from his ANO party were commissioned with the task.

In an interview for the daily Lidové noviny, Mr. Babiš said that the decision was now in the hands of the president, but he trusted that Mr. Zeman would keep his word and give him until the end of June to try to form a new government.

The Social Democrats walked out of the talks on forming a minority government with ANO late last week due to a disagreement over a division of posts in the government and the fact that in Andrej Babiš the country would have a prime minister charged with EU subsidy fraud.

ANO, the Social Democrats and the Communists, who had negotiated to support the new government, have all requested to meet with the president.