PM Nečas’ ally re-elected Civic Democrat party chair in Central Bohemia

Agriculture Minister Petr Bendl, an ally of Prime Minister and Civic Democrat chair Petr Nečas, was on Saturday re-elected the head of the party’s influential Central Bohemian branch. He received 74 votes while his rival for the post and an opponent of Mr Nečas within the party Petr Tluchoř, got 68. The vote is a success for the prime minister who personally came to the party conference in Kladno to back Mr Bendl’s bid. Civic Democrats in Central Bohemia are split in their support for Petr Nečas but Saturday’s vote suggests his supporters gained an upper hand. The recent sacking of Petr Bendl’s predecessor at the Agriculture Ministry, Ivan Fuksa, was seen as a move to ensure Mr Bendl’s re-election.

Author: Jan Richter