PM: Former coronavirus crisis staff lead Roman Prymula offered government comissioner position

Deputy Health Minister Roman Prymula, who was the head of the country’s Central Crisis Staff in the initial phase of the COVID-19 quarantine in March has been offered the position of Government Commissioner for Science and Research.

An epidemiologist, Mr Prymula, who has been at the forefront of communications with the media during the crisis and is seen by many as a leading voice in the Czech response to COVID-19, announced earlier last week that he will resign from the Health Ministry at the end of May unless two unpublicised conditions that he gave the prime minister are met. Mr Babiš told that Prymula and Health Minister Adam Vojtěch had “not been on the best of terms with each other”.

Health Minister Vojtěch told Czech Television that he cannot envision Prymula remaining in his current position, because he does not like his past statements and the fact that Prymula apparently refuses to discuss affairs with him.

Author: Tom McEnchroe