PM expresses shock over Rath corruption case

Prime Minister Petr Nečas has expressed shock over the corruption case involving David Rath, not least since the Social Democrat politician was one of his party’s most outspoken critics of corrupt practices, the Czech news agency says. The prime minister told ČTK he hoped the case would be seen through to the end and that it would not throw “dirt” on the entire political scene. He also indicated he hoped the failing was only on Mr Rath’s part and not his party’s.

Similar suggestions were made on a TV debate programme on Tuesday evening by the finance minister; prominent Social Democrat Lubomír Zaorálek responded by trying to point to scandals on the centre-right. The arrest and charging of Central Bohemian Governor David Rath is nevertheless unprecedented in at least one respect: Rath, who was under investigation by police for six months, was “caught in the act”, enabling his immediate prosecution.

Author: Jan Velinger