PM: Czech hospitals ordered to create four month supply of facemasks in light of COVID-19 threat

Czech hospitals will need to establish a four month supply of facemasks in light of the threat from the coronavirus known as COVID-19, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said on Wednesday.

The Czech prime minister reiterated that the country has no confirmed cases of the virus yet and said the state was prepared to handle the side effects if quarantine was instituted in any Czech city. He went on to say that a military hospital in Tichonín can be converted into a specialised hospital to handle COVID-19 patients within 12 hours if the situation demanded it and that the government has concrete plans on how to proceed in case of an outbreak and that these will be further discussed at Monday’s State Security Council meeting.

COVID-19 cases have been detected in neighbouring Austria and Germany. Three Czechs are currently in quarantine after returning from foreign destinations where COVID-19 was detected.

Author: Tom McEnchroe