PM Babiš rules out withdrawal of Czech troops from Afghanistan

Prime Minister and ANO party leader Andrej Babiš has ruled out the withdrawal of Czech soldiers from Afghanistan. Speaking at a security conference in Prague, Mr Babiš said that the Czech Republic won’t fail its allies and will continue fulfil its obligations. His words came in reaction to criticism of Czech participation in the Afghani mission from some Czech parties following the death of several Czech soldiers in the past few months.

Mr Babiš also said the country had committed to increase defence spending with a view to reach the equivalent of two percent of gross domestic product by the year 2024.

The fifth edition of the annual conference, called ‘Our security cannot be taken for granted,’ takes place at Prague Castle on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia. It is attended by top army and Defence Ministry representatives.

Author: Ruth Fraňková