Pirates send study to EU arguing PM Babiš still in conflict of interest over Agrofert

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš remains the true owner of the Agrofert conglomerate that he founded, despite having placed it in a trust, according to a legal study commissioned by the opposition Pirate Party.

The new study, which has been sent to the European Commission, confirms earlier findings by the EU executive arm and the Czech branch of watchdog Transparency International, that Mr Babiš has violated EU laws on conflicts of interest.

As a prime minister, he can influence the scope and distribution of EU subsidies that benefit Agrofert, of which he is the ultimate beneficiary, the various findings argue.

The European Parliament voted in December to suspend subsidies to Agrofert until the matter is cleared up.

Mr. Babiš is facing criminal charges in the Czech Republic of EU subsidy fraud over CZK 50 million received by a hotel and conference centre near Prague that previously belonged to Agrofert. He denies any wrongdoing.

Author: Brian Kenety