Pirate Party vice chair Jakub Michálek retains position after inconclusive ‘bullying’ vote

Pirate Party deputy chairman Jakub Michálek has retained his position following an inconclusive vote internal party vote over whether to dismiss him for allegedly having long bullied his subordinates.

While denying the allegation of bullying, Michálek, who also heads the Pirate’s caucus in the lower house, says that he will not defend his leadership position at the party’s national forum in January.

In the four-day online vote that closed on Monday evening, 371 voted against his dismissal, 294 voted for it, and 184 voted to postpone a decision until the forum. It would have taken 386 votes for an option to have been decisive.

Fellow party vice chair Mikuláš Peksa, who had said ahead of the vote that he would quite the post if Michálek remained, on Tuesday announced his resignation at the party forum.

Author: Brian Kenety