Pirate Party to hold election conference

The Czech Pirate Party is to hold an election conference in Ostrava at the weekend.

Party leader Ivan Bartoš will be running for re-election, challenged by two other co-founders of the party, Mikuláš Ferjenčík and Vojtěch Pikal. Seven other candidates will run for the four deputy chair posts.

Party deputy Jakub Michálek, who was recently accused of bullying his subordinates, will not run for re-election.

Ivan Bartoš, who is a favourite for the top post, has said that the new chair’s main task will be to prepare the party for a successful performance in the regional and parliamentary elections.

According to a December poll by the CVVM agency the Pirate Party would win 14 percent in general elections, after the ruling ANO party which would get 29.5 percent.