Pirate Party calling for results of EC investigation into Czech PM’s alleged conflict of interest

The Pirate Party has urged the European Commission to make public the results of its investigation into an alleged conflict of interest on the part of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in connection with the company Agrofert, which he placed in trust funds two years ago.

The Commission‘s auditors launched an investigation into the matter on the grounds of a complaint made by the Czech branch of Transparency International and the Pirate Party who claim that Mr. Babiš is still able to influence Agrofert despite having placed it into trust funds to meet a strict new conflict of interest law. They also say that as prime minister he has influence over negotiations on the EU budget and the use of European funds in the Czech Republic.

The Pirate Party has urged the Commission to make public its findings as soon as possible in view of the upcoming European elections.

The European Parliament voted in December to suspend subsidies to Agrofert until the matter is cleared up.

The Czech prime minister has denied any wrongdoing saying the affair is a politically motivated slander campaign against him and his ANO party.