Petr Nečas, rebels and Vondra speak at party conference

In his opening remarks at the Civic Democratic party conference on Saturday morning, Prime Minister and party chairman Petr Nečas said that he takes full responsibility for the party’s losses in the recent senate and regional elections. The prime minister added that the Civic Democrats should look for the faults within their own party, and said that the main problem the Civic Democratic party has to face is that its name has become associated with corruption and a government of money. The Civic Democrats need to get rid of this negative label.

During the following deliberations at the conference, former Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra announced that he will not re-election as the vice chairman of the Civic Democratic party. Another current vice chairman Pavel Drobil also said he will not be asking for a nomination.

During the following deliberations at the conference, one of the rebel MPs Ivan Fuksa said that he and the others who have gone against the tax reforms do not want to see the current government fall. He added that the only way they will vote for the reform would be if the bill would not raise the VAT at all.

Author: Masha Volynsky