Parliament postpones tax reform vote to next week

The lower house has voted to postpone deliberations on the controversial tax reform package to next week, despite disagreement from the opposition. The Civic Democrats requested the delay on Tuesday afternoon in order to have the crucial vote take place after their party convention, due to internal disagreements over the reform package. The discussion in the lower house was scheduled to begin on Wednesday. A group of Civic Democrat MPs met on Tuesday morning to discuss possible changes to the proposed legislation, but again made no headway. Six rebel MPs from the party supported the proposal to postpone Wednesday’s vote in order to have more time for discussion, but said the reform package would remain an issue of contention even after the party convention this weekend.

The opposition Social Democrats and the leadership of the Public Affairs party did not support the motion, saying that putting off the vote on any crucial legislation such as the tax package or the pension reform would only contribute to political instability.

Author: Masha Volynsky