Opposition wants to hear government arguments for extending state of emergency before upcoming vote

In response to the government proposal to extend the state of emergency in the Czech Republic to May 25, opposition parties in the Chamber of Deputies have called on the executive to explain its reasoning.

Petr Fiala of the Civic Democrats, the chairman of the largest opposition party in the lower house, said on Friday that a one to two week extension to the current April 30 deadline would be possible if the government presents the Chamber of Deputies with a clear plan based on reasoned argumentation and maximum restraint in its restrictions.

Calls for a clear plan were also voiced from the leaders of the Mayors and Independents and the Christian Democrats.

All three parties criticised the government for not adhering to the country’s Crisis Act.

It is not clear yet how the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia will vote on the measure. However, according to news site iDnes.cz, party chairman Vojtěch Filip said earlier this week that he would be prepared to vote for the extension until May 17.

Author: Tom McEnchroe