Opposition parties calling for special session of the lower house over EC audit

The heads of opposition parties in the lower house met to debate the results of the European Commission’s audit on Friday.

The Civic Democrats, TOP 09, the Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independents issued a joint statement calling for the matter to be discussed in a special session of the lower house, the immediate suspension of all further subsidies to Agrofert companies, for the Czech response to the European Commission’s audit to be drafted by government ministers who are not in the prime minister’s ANO party and for the audit to be made public.

The opposition party leaders agreed that the responsibility now lies with Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček of the Social Democratic Party. Mr. Hamáček said in reaction to the news that if Agrofert had received any subsidies in violation to the law they should be returned.He also said he was in favour of the audit being made public if it were legally permissible.