One in five Czechs plan cemetery visits on Dušičky (All Souls’ Day)

Czechs on Saturday will mark Dušičky – or All Souls’ Day – a traditional Roman Catholic day of remembrance for friends and loved ones who have passed away.

According to a STEM / MARK survey, around four in five Czechs follow the tradition in some manner, but only one in five are likely to visit a cemetery precisely on All Souls’ Day.

Many Czechs mark Dušičky by visiting and tending to graves, where they light candles. From 1 to 3 November, all 29 Prague cemeteries will have extended hours, remaining open until 6:00 pm.

On Saturday at 5:00 pm, Prague Cardinal Dominik Duka will serve a mass to commemorate the departed at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad.

Dušičky was a national holiday in Czechoslovakia, as it is still in neighbouring Slovakia and Poland. According to the STEM / MARK poll, half of Czechs do not think it should be a state-recognised holiday.

Author: Brian Kenety