Ombudsman: President’s illness calls for open communication and dignity

The Czech Ombudsman Stanislav Křeček visited President Milos Zeman in Prague’s Central Military Hospital on Monday, telling journalists that the head of state was receiving the best possible medical care. “From what I saw firsthand, the president is not restricted in his rights, in receiving visitors or communicating with them," he said after the meeting. The Ombudsman said he was concerned about the manner in which the president’s state of health was being debated and the amount of speculation and hate speech not only on social networks, but in the public space in general. He emphasized the need for open communication, noting that under the circumstances it was important to preserve the dignity of the president, while at the same time creating a mechanism that would allow for the necessary administration of the state.

President Zeman was admitted to Prague's Central Military Hospital on October 10, where he remains in intensive care with an undisclosed chronic illness.