Norwegian court rejects Czech mother’s appeal

A Norwegian court has refused to reopen the case of Czech mother Eva Michaláková who is fighting for her two sons, after being stripped of her parental rights following suspicions of abuse. Although charges were never pressed the boys have been placed in foster care and a judge barred Ms Michaláková from having any contact with her sons in June of this year on the grounds that she had medialized the case in her own interest. The appellate court ruled that the verdict of the regional court was fully justified and there were no grounds on which to review the case. The verdict is now legally binding. Michaláková’s battle for her sons, which has now dragged for five years, has received a great deal of publicity in the Czech Republic. Last year the Czech prime minister intervened on her behalf and he told journalists on Friday the Czech Republic would continue to support her should she choose to take her case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.